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Web design

We give a unique image to your website


The website design evolves every moment. Medios Corp. We have seen how it has changed the way of presenting information on the Internet. We are in sync with the trends of each era. We are lovers of good design and each of the websites that we make would never not look like any other.

  • We adapt the image of your business to make your website be an extension of your corporate identity.
  • We present your information in an attractive way for your customers to identify with your products or services.
  • You can be sure that your design will be eye-catching and current.

  • We pay attention to the smallest detail in the responsive versions of the websites we develop.
  • We understand better than anyone that what works on the internet to attract the attention of customers.
  • We don't only design your web site, we create a new strategy to reach more customers through the Internet, through the use of social networks, mass mailings, etc.



Improved Search Engine

Usually when we look for something in Google, this knows the needs of netizens. And you know that we love the responsive sites, so when we look for something, always gives preference to those who are friendly to this feature, positioning them at the top of their list.

Better Navigation Experience

When you access to a site, the first thing we expect is to find what we are looking in a quick and simple way, so no matter where we access either a PC or mobile device. Always we have easy access to information that is relevant to us.


People think that a responsive site is very expensive, the truth is that the cost is much lower. While depending on customer needs, a website must be treated as a patient in an operating room during surgery, and every aspect of the site is important and attention must be paid to every detail, which can vary the cost of the site. The advantages in terms of cost in traffic analysis, marketing needs and personnel costs for handling. It makes this technique the best option. And much more profitable in the medium term.

Avoid duplication of content

Having a responsive site instead of 2 site (one for mobile and one for desktop) gives a great advantage when optimizing search sites like Google. Since driving two sites also we handle duplicate information about the same. Information that can be crossed in the search engines and make the content be doubled, a situation that can affect greatly to our site and company.

Faster Web Site

A responsive site can be manipulated so that when we go navigate this from a mobile device. We can skip content that can affect the browsing experience on devices with a screen resolution so small. Since we can focus on showing only what we need to find our client, and thereby save a great time loading and saving our customer precious time waiting, which we know that the customer appreciate it greatly.

More efficient site management

Running a site instead of two will be a great saving to our pocket without mentioning that we will reduce time management. To work twice, if we can do the same in less time and at lower cost.